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Holdem Poker Dictionary

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Face card n.  Jack, queen, or king.  Also paint, court card, picture card.

Fall v.  Appearance of a particular card.  His heart galloped when another eight fell.

Family pot n.  Many players in a hand.

Fast adj.  Playing exceptionally aggressively.

Felt n.v.  1. The surface of a poker table, traditionally made of green felt.  2. Verb meaning "go broke."  "Jessy got felted in the first ten minutes."  When all a player's chips are gone, she is down to the felt.

Field n.  The players involved in a particular hand.  Ace pair against a large field is weaker than most people realize.

Fifth street n.  Less common term for the riverSimilar: fourth street.

Fill up v.  To complete a draw, especially a full house, but also a straight, or flushShe filled up.

Final Table n.  The last group of tournament players after everyone else is eliminated.  Tables of players are combined as entrants get eliminated, eventually getting down to a final table of 9-10 players.

First ace n.  A way to choose who deals first by giving a card face up to each player, until an ace appears.  This gives an advantage to the first person to be dealt to, but it evens out if it is a regular game.

Fish n.  Bad players.  The raison d'être of both poker and fly casting.

Fit or fold adj.  Playing straight-forward and predictable.  He was fit-or-fold, always raising his good hands and folding weak ones.  I just kept stealing until he played back at me.

Fixed limit adj.  Aka limit poker.

Flat call v.  Just calling when there might be reason to raise.  Similar: smooth call.

Floor n.  Supervisory personnel at a card room.  Traditionally floorman.

Flop n., v.  1. The first three community hold'em cards dealt face up in the middle of the table for everyone to see and use.  The flop is followed by single cards on the turn and river, interspersed by betting rounds.  2. Getting a hand on the flop.  He flopped two pair.  See hole cards, river, turn.

Flop game n.  Generic term for poker with community cards.  Texas and Omaha hold'em are the most common.

Flush n.  A completed poker hand composed of five cards of the same suit.  Beats a straight, but not a full house.  See hand rankings.   In hold'em, where players often have similar hands, the highest card in a flush becomes decisive.  Consider: player X has 78, player Y has JQ.  If they both make a heart flush, Y wins.

Flush draw n.  Having four cards of a suit, needing just one more.  Three suited cards is a backdoor flush.

Fold v.  Giving up a hand rather than put money in the pot.

Fold equity n. The value gained from getting opponents to fold, whether by bluffing or deterring them from drawing. Usage: I knew he was ahead, but the ace on the turn gave me some fold equity, so I raised. It is a crucial tool because it adds another way to win besides having the best hand: folding the field. The amount of fold equity varies tremendously by circumstance. If a villain is unlikely to muck his hand, then betting has little fold equity. Mathematical formula: fold equity = (likelihood opponent(s) folds) x (pot size).

Forced bet n.  An amount required to be paid before the deal, such as a blind or new player post.

Four-bet v.   In limit poker, increasing the pot for the fourth time in a single round.  You shouldn't have four-bet without at least trips.

Four-of-a-kind n.  Very strong hand composed of four cards of the same rank, such as 6666.  Beats everything but the straight flushes.  See hand rankings.

Foul adj.  Disqualified.  Fouled hand.  Cards can be declared dead for a variety of reasons, including touching the muck.

Fourth street n.  Less common term for the turn.  In hold'em, there's no first, second, or third street -- they constitute the flop.

Free card np.  A card received without having to put money in the pot because everyone checked.  Gus held two aces and tried for a check raise, but no one bet, giving everyone a free card.  Free cards are great to receive, dangerous to give.  See infinite odds, pot odds.

Free roll np.  1. A publicity tournament with free entry and cash prizes.  2. Tied hands that may not stay tied.  Consider:  Player 1: JQ; player 2: JQ; the board: 89T.  Both players made the same straight, but player 2 also has a flush draw.  He is guaranteed to at least split the pot, but may also win outright.  He has a free roll

Freezeout n.  An elimination tournament.  Declining usage.

Full adj.  Denotes the three-card portion of a full house.  Tens full means three tens and a pair of something lower.  The pair is usually not important so it is not mentioned, except in the rare case of two full houses.  If two players have tens full, only then does is the pair decisive.  See full of.

Full boat np.  Full house.

Full house np.  A powerful five-card poker hand comprised of three cards of one rank and two of another, i.e. a pair and three-of-a-kind together.  E.g. 333 99.  See hand rankings.

Full of v.  Denotes the pair portion of a full house, as in jacks full of kings (JJJ KK).

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