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Holdem odds calculator

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Calculate the chances of a hand winning from the flop, turn, or preflop.

  • So simple, you hardly need these directions.
  • Input two to five hands at a time, and get odds of of each winning.
  • Enter rank and suit in the player boxes exactly like this: Td 4s (which means ten diamonds, four spades).
    • Suit initials: c d h s
    • Ranks: 2-9  A K Q J T
  • Leave "Board cards" box blank to calculate preflop odds, or enter three or four cards for flop or turn odds.
  • Eliminate cards from calculations by entering them in the "Dead cards" box.  This simulates cards that have been mucked, fouled, or are out of play for any reason. 
  • Omaha: Choose an Omaha game from the drop-down menu, and enter four hole cards rather than two.  Note: Omaha calculations can take longer; be patient.  To calculate another hand, you'll have to switch the drop-down menu to Omaha again, because it defaults back to Texas holdem after submission. 
Classic showdowns.  There are many interesting simulations you can run.  A pocket pair against ace-king is a classic.  How well do you think pocket aces stand up against a range of strong hands?  Here's a surprising one: what performs better against ace-king offsuit, AsQc, or 7s2c?  Surprised?  See the explanation of domination.

Powered by the PokerSource. (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pokersource/)
This calculator runs a full enumeration, not monte carlo.  It determines your all-in pot equity. Calculations slow as players are added.

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Hold'em poker odds calculator

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Holdem poker odds calculator


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